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ZOOM POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE it was established and registered on 21/08/2008 as a limited liability under The Company Act, 2002 and took over all assets and liabilities of DESKTOP COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (DCT) starting from 1/07/2009.

We are located in Magomeni Usalama area along Morogoro road adjacent to NMB Bank and Magomeni Police Station. We enjoy the flexibility of transportation for everyone who wants to reach us, as well as the high security of the area.



To become a strong and competent training center of different professions in the current job market.


To train Tanzanians to become competent professionals and also to be knowledgeable and skilled enough to make use of ICT together with other professions effectively and economically, because now ICT is a tool in modern life and development cycles.


We make you understand and not just finish the course